Erika Balaguera

Venezuelan by birth, wife and mother of three children. From a very young age, she loved teaching, with a vocation to serve and teach, which led her to train as: Bachelor of Education, specialist in Preschool Education, Master's Degree in Higher Education and Doctorate in Educational Sciences.

With more than twenty years of experience in the area, she is currently a trainer of future teachers and a researcher in social sciences. She is a promoter of healthy coexistence in childhood and ambassador of the OGPAB .

Lilian Fernández González

I was born in Santiago de Chile and resident in the city of La Serena. Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist specializing in anxiety and mood disorders in clinical and community contexts.

Experience of 15 years in the exercise of the profession conducting workshops for parents and teaching population. Practice in leading psychosocial teams in a prominent Foundation doing psychoeducation and treatment of highly complex disorders.

I am an ambassador of the OGPAB in Chile because I am a mother and as a child I knew what it is to live the scourge of bullying and how those wounds permeate you. I want to be the voice of all those children who are not heard.

Cristell Dieppa

Born in Venezuela. I am Cristell Dieppa, preschool education teacher, professional model and university professor. I promote the inclusion of emotional education in the educational curriculum from preschool to university cycle.

Literacy specialist, certified as a change agent in NLP neurolinguistic programming, I carry out my program “Educating for a conscious, happy and emotionally healthy life” and in this way train children who can know themselves, value themselves and teach them to detect possible threats that put their lives at risk, promoting empathy and respect as fundamental bases of humanity.

“Ambassador of OGPAB, and always at the service of whoever requires it in order to continue adding efforts to continue #savinglives and ensure that all pertinent measures are carried out to guarantee their right to life and be happy.“.

Andreina Duarte Ávila

I was born in Venezuela and I live in Chile. Statistician, digital analyst, speaker, mother of 2 children, committed to justice and I fight for the well-being of children.

There is no use complaining about reality and not contributing to change it, my motto “If we act, we change”. That is why I decided to be part of OGPAB, an organization with a clear purpose: “Saving Lives”.

I want to be one more voice of those who suffer in silence because of bullying, I want my contribution to be a contribution to a more just society and with children who are loved and recognized for who they are.

Verónica Reyes Terrazas

I am the eldest of 5 siblings, I was born on July 16, 1981 in a rural community of Zinapécuaro, Michoacán in Mexico.

I have always been a dreamer, since I was little I set myself goals, at the age of 15 I made the most difficult decision for my age, leaving my community with a backpack in my arms to look for my dreams, one of the challenges has been to finish a degree, far from my family, and with a lot of sacrifice working and studying, I was able to finish my law degree at a public university, another challenge I faced as a single mother of a girl with a cleft lip and palate.

To date it has been 12 years of battle and learning, every day together we learn something that makes us stronger.

Gubeya Pérez

Law Professional (free exercise), mother of two adult and married children, Counselor, Lecturer, Graduate in Theology and Founding Vice President of the Civil Association Rescuing Values ILBNY, is a volunteer In the international organization: PROTÉGEME and Coordinator Ambassador, of the institution Global OGPAB.

During her career, she has shown high responsibility and a firm commitment to the spiritual and emotional balance of the Venezuelan family. His disinterested service in the educational institutions of the Peña municipality - Yaracuy, Iribarren and Palavecino states of Lara state, in addition to the advice provided to government institutions that guarantee the protection and well-being of children and adolescents, has allowed him to develop a special sensitivity for the human feeling; a connection and knowledge of the emotional battle of children, adolescents, and adult victims of sexual, physical, and emotional harassment and abuse, areas in which she has specialized in recent years.

Through her human warmth and spiritual sensitivity, she has earned the love and respect of those to whom she has provided support, advice, and training.