The World Bullying Observatory: A Pillar of the Global Bullying Prevention Organization

The Global Bullying Observatory is a solid and valuable initiative that is an integral part of the Global Bullying Prevention Organization, a leading non-governmental NGO. This organization is passionately dedicated to combating bullying and harassment worldwide, and the observatory represents one of its most prominent pillars. Through this effective collaboration, the organization is committed to making a significant impact on the prevention and eradication of bullying in schools and communities around the world.

The Global Bullying Observatory, under the wing of the Global Bullying Prevention Organization, is dedicated to a number of crucial activities. This includes collecting global data to understand the magnitude of the problem, extensive research to identify effective prevention and intervention strategies, and promoting fundamental values such as tolerance and empathy throughout educational communities.

In addition, the organization provides practical and emotional support to victims of bullying and their families, offering guidance and resources to address the situation and overcome difficulties.

The Global Bullying Prevention Organization is a beacon of hope in the fight against bullying, and the Global Bullying Observatory is an essential component of its ongoing efforts to create a safer, more respectful and compassionate school and community environment Worldwide. Together, they are committed to making a lasting difference in people's lives and society at large, creating a future where bullying is a concern of the past.


The World Bullying Observatory, created by the Global Bullying Prevention Organization, has as its main mission to promote a world free of bullying and harassment through the collection, analysis and dissemination of data and information related to this problem. . Our mission is to contribute to the prevention and eradication of bullying, as well as the promotion of a safe, inclusive and respectful educational and social environment for all.


Our vision is to be a global leader in research and awareness on bullying and harassment. We aspire to a world in which every child and adolescent can grow and develop in an environment free of fear, violence and harassment, where respect, empathy and inclusion are fostered. The World Bullying Observatory strives to be a reference in the fight against bullying worldwide.

Functions and Benefits of the World Bullying Observatory:

Data Collection: The Observatory collects up-to-date and reliable data on the prevalence and trends of bullying around the world. This includes statistics, research and case studies that help understand the magnitude of the problem.

Research: Conduct exhaustive research on the causes, consequences and risk factors associated with bullying. This contributes to the development of effective prevention and intervention strategies.

Dissemination of Information: Provides information and educational resources on bullying worldwide. This includes the creation of reports, guides and materials for parents, educators and communities.

Awareness: Organize awareness campaigns around the world to raise awareness about bullying and promote the importance of a safe and respectful school environment.

Policy and Program Promotion: Advocates for effective bullying prevention policies and programs at the national and international level. Collaborate with governments, organizations and communities to implement preventive strategies.

Victim Support: Provides support and resources to victims of bullying and their families, connecting them with local organizations that can offer help.

Training and Training: Provides training to educators, mental health professionals and community leaders on how to effectively prevent and address bullying.

The Global Bullying Observatory is committed to fighting bullying in all its forms and strives to be a global voice promoting safety, inclusion and respect in schools and communities around the world.