It is a book written by the executive director of OGPAB.ORG. In this work, the author exhaustively examines the phenomenon of bullying, exploring its roots, consequences, and possible solutions. Through up-to-date research, real cases, and his own experience in the field, the author sheds light on the various aspects of bullying and offers effective strategies to prevent and address it.

The book begins with a detailed description of what bullying is and how it manifests itself in schools. The author delves into the underlying causes, such as a lack of empathy, violence in the media, and the emotional challenges of children and adolescents. As he progresses, the author discusses the detrimental effects of bullying on victims, including mental health issues, decreased academic performance, and long-term trauma development.

The author also addresses the crucial role of parents, educators, and the community at large in preventing and responding to bullying. He provides practical guidelines for identifying the signs of bullying, communicating effectively with children, building resilience, and promoting a safe and accepting school environment.

In short, "Bullying: Terrorismo Escolar" is a comprehensive and insightful book that addresses the problem of bullying from different perspectives. With his informed and practical approach, the author seeks to raise awareness of the issue and provide practical tools to combat bullying and create safer and healthier school environments for all students.