On February 10, 2022, a tragic event shocked the world. Drayke Hardman, a 12-year-old boy, decided to commit suicide due to the constant bullying he suffered at school.

This news changed the course of our lives forever, because hundreds of people saw Drayke as our own son and decided that instead of staying with the anguish of not having been able to do anything, we made the decision to unite and transform the pain , in action.

That same week a call was made on social networks with a clear purpose in mind, to establish a group made up of brave and committed individuals from different countries of the world, and embark on the creation of a movement against Bullying, a few months later, we were already obtaining wonderful results and saving lives, it was then that we decided and founded the Global Organization for the Prevention of Bullying. Our mission is to identify and prevent Bullying and child suicide, provide support to those who suffer from this terrible reality called Bullying.

The OGPAB.ORG, we founded it in honor of Drayke and in memory of all the children who have suffered and are suffering similar situations, we became a beacon of hope and solidarity. Our preventive approach and our constant dedication, made a difference in the lives of thousands of young people, providing them with support and helping them find the strength to overcome difficulties.

At OGPAB.ORG we have become a benchmark in the fight against bullying and child suicide, working not only in Latin America, but also extending the work to new and distant horizons, working together with hearts willing, like ours.

Our story is a reminder that even in the midst of darkness, Light can shine and the power of community, together with the will to change, can make a lasting impact on the lives of our children and on society for the long haul. term.

Our legacy will live on through the years, inspiring others to join the fight against bullying and child suicide, and creating a safer and more hopeful future for generations to come.

At OGPAB.ORG we are all protagonists.

Welcome to the Global Organization for Bullying Prevention.